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How should a company face a tax audit in Spain?

There are different reasons why a company can be subject to a tax inspection: excessive VAT refunds, discrepancies between quarterly and annual models (…), or commonly for random reasons.

Tania Tang - Remote Legal Internship

Tania Tang, August – December 2020

As a French and Spanish student on a year abroad from University College London, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Mariscal & Abogados and would recommend the firm to any Spanish-speaking student looking for legal experience. Despite the barriers to the in-person working set up by the coronavirus pandemic, the firm was quick to […]

Obligations of companies in Spain before the Equal Pay law

Royal Decree 902/2020 on equal pay incorporates the obligation for all companies in Spain, regardless of the number of employees, to establish a pay register disaggregated by sex and professional categories.

economic regime renewable energies

Royal Decree 960/2020: the new economic regime for renewable energies

Royal Decree 960/2020 in Spain approves the new economic regime for renewable energies for electricity production facilities. It will be granted through an auction system and regulated by ministerial order.

I: steps build power plant

5 Steps to Build a Power Plant in Spain

The 5 steps to build a power plant in Spain include: securing land rights, requesting access points and network connection, depositing the guarantees, preparing environmental studies and obtaining permits and licenses