F: Corporate and insolvency measures in Spain

Summary Table of the Procedural and Insolvency Measures of the Law 3/2020

The COVID- 19 health crisis has led to delays in the Spanish courts due to its paralysation during the State of Alarm. In the coming months, the Administration of Justice should adapt to the new normality and anticipate a possible increase in litigation and insolvency proceedings, mainly from 2021.

pre-insolvency spain

Pre-insolvency, an alternative for the survival of the company

Pre-insolvency is a procedure defined in Article 5 of the Insolvency Law in Spain as a final extension for the company to redirect its financial/economic situation.

Fiona Kan - Remote Legal Internship

Fiona Kan, September – December 2020

As a Spanish and Business student considering a career in law, I chose to apply to Mariscal & Abogados to gain an insight into working for an international law firm, and the experience was exceptional. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, my experience with the firm took place virtually. However, this did not limit the experience whatsoever. […]

Christmas hamper right

Christmas hamper in Spain, a vested right? Dismantling myths

Christmas hampers are not regarded, per se, as a vested right of workers. However, the specific circumstances of its regulation in each company need to be analysed case by case.

E-money institutions in Spain

Electronic money institutions must be authorized by the Banco de España and follow the regulations of Law 21/2011 of 26 July on electronic money and Royal Decree 778/2012 of 4 May on the legal framework for electronic money institutions.

financed training permanence agreements

Permanence agreements in companies linked to financed training

The objective of permanence agreements in companies linked to financed training is twofold: to promote a greater degree of specialization of the employees and to ensure the recovery of the expenditure. However, agreements must observe some legal requirements to be valid.

F: pre-insolvency proceedings

Objectives and Advantages of pre-insolvency proceedings

One of the advantages of the pre-insolvency proceedings is that it stops the execution of judicial enforcement of properties and rights so that the company can continue with its professional activity.